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In Memory Of

A review by Cosmo Ohms

Once again Tommy Doyle and his special review of music makers and tale weavers cast their magic spells and melodic moods our way. Each Song seems to capture a moment in time poignantly rendered and preserved in it's own natural juices and distinctive flavor.

"CATCH THE FASTEST TRAIN' And that's just what this song is doing. Already on it's way to becoming a classic, this toon has been recently covered by Buddy Miles Express, featuringEx Jimi Hendrix and Electric Flag soulman and superstar drummer, Buddy Miles. The TDP's version features vocals by Sally from Florida.

"DEBBIE TAY" This ditty is a memorial to the Howard Stern Show's dancer Debbie Tay, who's untimely passing resulted from a Heroin overdose. Debbie was trying to recover from this drug's menacing grip.

"WE BOTH LOVE YOU" This song was written for Janis Joplin's lead guitar slinger, Sam Andrew by Jinx Linx and captured by Tommy Doyle in it's native state.

"FIRE IN THE DISTANCE" Rekindles the image of a streetcorner group, hanging out by the lamppost and rendering an accapella version. This one's sung by Little Joe Cook of "peanuts" fame, along with Judy Fixman.

"CLAUDIA" "CLAUDIA" was written and performed by Janis Joplin guitarist, Sam Andrew and lyricist Jinx Linx along with Joe Cook and Tommy Doyle, direct from a state of inspiration.

"YOUR PASSION" recalls the early styling's of folk heros Woody Gutherie and Bob Dylan's early releases.

"IRISH STAR" was written in memory of Terry McDowell, Irish performer who's son was killed in Northern Ireland while father Terry was performing in the Bronx Section of New York.

"LONG TALL SHORTY" This cover of a rock classic features KISS guitarist, Ace Frehley jamming his assoff with oldtime mates, Tommy Doyle, Perry Drake and Pete Bonocorso.

"TATOO" Once again KISS' Guitar hero Ace Frehley appears on leads, accompanied by rhythm section Perry Drake on drums and his wife Debbie Drake, on Bass. The vocal chores are in the good voices of Tommy Doyle and Pete Bonocorso.

"HOWARD STERN FOR GOVERNOR" This cut is recorded live From Albany, New York, as the self-acclaimed "King Of All Media", Howard Stern was nominated as the Libertarian's Candidate for Governor of the Great State of New York. Truly a jewel from the King's treasure chest.

"CALL ON ME" This is an excerpt from a live radio broadcast on New York's radio station WBAI, produced by former Beatle, John Lennon and his wife, Yoko Ono. The song was penned by Janis Joplin's guitarist Sam Andrew, especially for Ms. Joplin's first Album release.

"LEAF SHAKE BLUES" This new song, also written by Sam Andrew. was also recorded at the same WBAI live radio broadcast from New York City.

"SACRED KNIGHTS OF MALTA" This poem by Tommy Doyle is presented by Toss Mulligan, a well known poet and performance artist hailing from Northern Ireland.

"OUR DAY WILL COME" and "DON'T LET THE SUN CATCH YOU CRYING" Both songs are sung by Florida resident, songstress and actress Ramona Fisher. Ramona offers soulful renditions of these classic songs originally performed by Ruby and the Romantics and English Merseybeat group Gerry and the Pacemakers, respectively.

"FIRE AMBER" presents a piercing eye-opener sung by author Rochelle, a powerful New York City Sorceress and dreamweaver, who spins her earie tale.

"ELAINE" This beautiful love song was written by Rochelle, during the period of her incarceration at Riker's Island, as a tome to her lesbian lover. Sung with feeling by Tommy Doyle.

"HERE'S TO THE LAND" This updated version of folk icon Phil Ochs' classic assessment of the Richard Nixon Years has been custom retrofitted to fit the Administration of William Jefferson Clinton. Doyle claims only the names have been changed to factualize American History. Yeah, right on my brotha.




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